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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural themes are integral to the school’s ethos and curriculum at Holly Lodge Girls’ College. Recognising its responsibilities for the spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development of its pupils, Holly Lodge aims to provide a wealth of experiences across the curriculum and in links with the wider community, in these important aspects, to help young people to mature into responsible citizens in Britain today and as part of a global society.

The policy reflects the school’s aims, many of which are directly linked to the promotion of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development:

  • To increase partnerships with local and international communities, promoting greater understanding of environmental and humanitarian issues.
  • To encourage an informed respect for diversity of race, religion, culture, ability and disability.
  • To encourage a sense of their duties, rights and responsibilities as “global citizens” in our students.

At Holly Lodge as part of the school’s inclusive ethos we promote the following values in all aspects of teaching and learning and classroom practice across the school:

  • consideration
  • courtesy
  • hard work
  • pride in achievement
  • respect for self and others
  • self-discipline
  • understanding and tolerance
  • trustfulness
  • justice
  • compassion


Assemblies are held each week for each year group which aim to explore social, moral, spiritual and cultural development in a systematic and balanced way including opportunities to:

  • provide the opportunity to celebrate achievements and special occasions.
  • foster a group identity
  • provide an opportunity to share differences
  • provide time to reflect on common values including moral values
  • encourage a search for meaning
  • consider the beliefs and festivals of Christianity and the major world religions
  • provide a context within which school members can be joined by members of the wider community
  • make visible the school’s patterns of responsibility and leadership.

In both assemblies and form time pupils are encouraged to have positive aspirations for the future, to develop resilience, to consider the importance of positive role models, to have respect for others and to understand British values including:


The rule of law

Individual liberty

Mutual respect

Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.

The policy also compliments the Cross- Curricular themes and skills policy statement which states that we are working to develop:

  • a person searching for meaning
  • a creative person
  • a working person
  • a co-operating person
  • an environmentally friendly person

The school recognises that parents and external organisations and groups also have a part to play in the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of young people. In implementing the policy the school draws on the expertise provided by religious and secular bodies including various social agencies, charitable organisations, voluntary groups and statutory bodies such as the police service.

2. Delivery of SMSC through the curriculum

Assemblies and Form time make a significant contribution to SMSC development within the school encouraging pupils to accept responsibility for their behaviour, distinguishing right from wrong and respecting other people.

Every subject area also has a contribution to make to each strand of the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of pupils.  This is highlighted in departmental meetings, whole school CPD, lesson observations and is monitored in ongoing audits for SMSC and British values.

( See Holly Lodge  SMSC grid. )

Audits have shown that all curriculum areas provide opportunities for pupils’

  • Social development, as they  listen and talk to each other so that they develop an awareness of the importance of mutual respect, as they work together cooperatively and collaboratively.
  • Spiritual development, as they develop creative solutions to problems, developing critical and independent thought and opportunities to reflect on wonder of life.
  • Moral development as they respond to opportunities to act responsibly showing consideration for others.
  • Cultural development as they participate in community events and recognise the cultural diversity of life in modern Britain.

Religious Education is the main vehicle for teaching about philosophies and faiths. The RE course is concerned with preparing students for life in a multi-racial and multi-cultural society where respect and tolerance of all people is important. Different cultures are explored and presented favourably. Racism and prejudices that may exist are challenged. Teaching resources from a wide variety of sources are used to help pupils to understand a range of faiths.

The PSHE programme helps to develop in students a positive self-image, and to build self- knowledge, self-confidence and self-esteem. It endeavours to give the necessary skills to make informed choices at various stages of their lives, supporting participation in democratic processes and an understanding of how as individuals they can influence decision making.

The school’s pastoral system supports the SMSC development of students via the work of Heads of Year, and Form Teachers. All members of the school community are responsible for implementing and following the school code of conduct.

3. Extra Curricular

The school provides an extensive range of extra -curricular activities after school, and during the holidays all of which contribute to SMSC.  The international dimension at Holly Lodge also strongly supports pupils’ understanding of other cultures and pupils’ personal development.

The dynamic range of arts activities provided by the Arts Faculty over time has involved students in work with practising artists, including local sculptors, ceramicists, painters and architects.

Clubs and Societies

Reading Clubs, paired reading, adults supporting children

Maths Clubs


Community Arts Programme


Sport Clubs

Summer schools incorporating many cultural visits, for literacy, numeracy

Science clubs

ICT Club

Modern Foreign Languages Club

Revision clubs for Core Subjects

Links and Cultural trips abroad :

Links with French and German Schools

Link with Wesley Girls’ School in Taipei, Taiwan

Link with schools in Poland, Denmark, Ireland

Africa as part of Socrates and Comenius Projects

Skiing in Italy

Visits to France :

Battlefield of the Somme, Ypres

Poland :                       Opera in Warsaw; Auschwitz Museum;

Germany :                   The Rhineland

Visits are arranged to local  Museums and Art Galleries:

Such as the Walker and Tate Galleries.

Linked policies:

SEND policy

Equalities and cohesion policy

Race equality policy

PSHE and Citizenship policy

European international dimension policy

Anti -bullying policy.

This policy may also be read in conjunction with the school’s statements on Inclusive Ethos and SMSC, Diversity and Equality at Holly Lodge and British Values statements provided on the website.