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1.        How will I be involved in discussions about and planning for my child’s education?

You can meet the SENCO Mrs Tedford by arranging an appointment, prior to your child’s admission, to the school and at any time during the academic year.

Early in the autumn term parents will be invited into school for an informal ‘coffee afternoon’ to meet the SEN team that will support your daughter at Holly Lodge and to have the opportunity to look at our resource base and the materials we use.

You will be invited to Annual Reviews and/or Parents’ evenings each year, where progress and targets for improvement will be discussed.

2. How will the staff support my child/young person

Information from primary school and assessments undertaken in Y7 will be collated to inform all staff of your child’s learning and/or behavioural needs.  This information will then be used to plan support and monitor progress of students.

In July, prior to your child starting in September, parents/carers are invited to a meeting after the children have spent a day in school.  Information about how the school supports all pupils to reach their full potential is shared at this meeting.  Parents are invited to meet Mrs Tedford at this meeting to discuss any issues related to learning support to ensure that appropriate support is in place for the new academic year. For students moving into 6th Form, information will be shared with teaching staff and 6th form progress manager to ensure that appropriate support and any exam arrangements are in place.

3.        How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?

At Holly Lodge, we understand that all pupils have different learning styles and learn at their own pace.  To ensure that all pupils reach their full potential, we place them in sets across the curriculum, according to need and ability.  Small groups/sets are provided for our pupils who need this and lessons are appropriately differentiated.  The pace and challenge in all lessons, in all sets, supports every pupil to achieve good outcomes and realise their full potential.  Learning Support Assistants may also support in some lessons to offer additional help.

You will receive regular school reports and invitations to Parents’ Evenings.  You can contact Mrs Tedford at any time during the school year to discuss any concerns or worries you may have or, if more convenient, you can make an appointment to come into school.

On admission into 6th Form, students will have a meeting with Mr. Finnegan, Head of Year to discuss their needs and how they can best be supported at KS5.

4.           What support will there be for my child’s overall well- being?

The school’s Pastoral Team is led by Mrs Rhodes, our Senior Year Leader.   There is a pastoral, non-teaching Year Leader for each year, including 6th Form and a Form Tutor that will be supporting your daughter.  Holly Lodge has a Pupil Support Officer, Angela Martin and a Lead Professional, Lisa Harland who offer additional support to both students and their families. Their role is to provide effective early help where needs have been identified and allowing access to services ensuring positive outcomes for both students and their families.   We also have a team of experienced Child Protection Officers within the school.

The Form Tutor will be the first point of call if you have any concerns.

There are also opportunities for pupils to share their views and opinions with members of the Student Council.  If your child has medical needs you will be invited, along with health care providers to contribute to a Health Care Plan.  Arrangements will be made if your child requires medication during the school day.  Lunch time clubs operate for vulnerable pupils and pupils struggling with friendship groups.

5.        What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the School?

The SENCO works in partnership with many outside agencies that can offer support for pupils with special educational needs

  • In school and 6th form, we accesses specialist services when appropriate, including: The Educational Psychology Service, Physiotherapy; Speech and Language Therapy Services; The Sensory Service; Learning and Behaviour Outreach Support from special schools, including Aigburth High and Abbot’s Lea; Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS); Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service (EMTAS); Education Welfare and Connexions.

6.        What training do staff supporting children and young people with SEND have?

In School and 6th form we ensure that all staff are trained to support pupils with a wide range of special educational needs.  This includes training in ADHD, ASD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Behaviour Management.

7.        How will my child be included in activities outside the classroom including school trips?

Full participation in the curriculum and extra-curricular activities is expected for all pupils in the school and 6th form where possible.

For some pupils a full risk assessment may be carried out in partnership with parents to ensure all aspects of health and safety are covered before a planned activity.

8.        How accessible is the setting?

All buildings are accessible for wheelchair users and are equipped with a lift. There are designated

disabled toilets available in all building.

9.        How will the setting support my child to join the school and how will the setting support my child in transferring to the next stage of education?

Our pastoral team organise transitional visits for pupils who apply for a place at the school during the final term in primary school. The visits enable prospective pupils to enjoy taster classes and activities.  The school also runs a Summer School for Year 6 pupils, an Open Evening and a New Intake Day.  Parents or Year 6 teachers of pupils who need additional transitional visits can contact Mrs Tedford and this can be arranged.

The SENCO attends a Transitional Forum held every June where Year 6 Primary teachers can discuss any pupils who are vulnerable and/or have SEN. This enables us to plan support and share information with staff in readiness for your daughter starting her new term at Holly Lodge in September.

For pupils moving to college, 6th form or work based learning, transition plans begin in Year 9 so that the new provision is fully aware of a pupil’s support needs when they eventually transfer.   Connexions (The Careers Service) are also involved at this stage.   At KS5 there is a comprehensive career guidance programme to ensure that students go onto destinations best suited to their needs. This will include university, further education, apprenticeships and moving directly into work.

10.      How are the school’s resources allocated and matched to a child’s or young person’s needs?

Decisions on how to allocate resources are made according to the needs of the pupil in school and 6th form.    Learning Support Assistants are deployed throughout the school to ensure that pupils benefit from specific interventions and/or classroom support.  Resources such as laptops, coloured overlays etc. are purchased from a budget, made in conjunction with the school governors at Head Teacher level.

11.      How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child receives?

The progress of all pupils is tracked, monitored and reviewed regularly in school and 6th form. Those pupils who need extra literacy  or numeracy support will be put onto one of the school’s intervention programmes, such as ‘Lifeboats’ or ‘Catch Up’.   Pupils in the lowest and smallest groups will more than likely have access to the Learning Support Assistants but their timetables are flexible and can be changed to accommodate pupil need.  Notebooks, overlays etc. will be loaned to pupils according to need.

12.      How are parents involved in the school?  How can I be involved?

Parents are invited to seek election as parent governors.  Early transitional meetings and visits are arranged for all parents of prospective pupils.  Parents are given the school contact details and encouraged to make individual appointments if they have specific worries or concerns.  Parents are invited to take part in regular discussions with both academic and personal tutors in school and 6th form, awards evenings and sporting events.

13.  Who can I contact for further information?

Parents are encouraged to contact school and/or visit the school website: or telephone 0151 228 3772 for further information.

The Local Offer can be found in the Family Services Directory on the city council website: or