Holly Lodge Uniform

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Choice of black knee length skirt or pinafore either A-line or pleated


Black trousers (smart) -no jeans, capri pants/chinos, leggings  etc

Choice of plain black V-neck jumper or V-neck cardigan with or without school badge

White shirt

Velcro or clip on Holly Lodge tie – single colour for each year group as follows:

Yellow – Year 7

Red – Year 8

Green – Year 9

Blue – Year 10

Purple – Year 11

Plain black school shoes with no distinctive markings

Black/white socks or black tights

Black blazer with Holly Lodge Girls’ College badge

Plain waterproof black/dark coat -  leather, denim or fur coats/jackets are not allowed

Hair bobbles black/white/tie colour only


Plain black scarf

PE Kit


Choice of black shorts, skorts, tracksuit or jogging bottoms

Plain black round neck t-shirt or black and white Holly Lodge polo shirt with or without badge

Black or white socks

White trainers


Plain black round neck sweatshirt (no hoodies)

Please Note:

- No Make-up

- No jewellery- including stud earrings

- Only natural hair colourings

Uniform suppliers

West Derby Schoolwear

239-241 Eaton Road
West Derby
L12 2AG

0151 228 7896

Brienda Limited

72 Muirhead Avenue East
Norris Green
L11 1EL

0151 226 3333

Lisa’s Schoolwear

72 Priory Road
L4 2RZ

0151 264 0700

Lisa’s Schoolwear

275 East Prescot Road
Knotty Ash
L14 2DB

0151 259 8277

Laser Schoolwear

London Road
L3 5NL

0151 709 0701