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Inclusive ethos and SMSC

  • Holly Lodge Girls’ College is committed to an inclusive school ethos which promotes race equality, develops understanding and challenges myths, stereotypes, misconceptions and prejudices via its teaching and curriculum provision, which supports attainment, promotes common values, and builds pupils’ understanding of the diversity that surrounds them. The school’s Inclusion Quality mark achievement strongly endorses the highly inclusive nature of the curriculum which focuses on the promotion of equality and diversity helping to prepare pupils for life in Modern Britain.
  • At Holly Lodge, Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural themes are integral to the school’s ethos and curriculum promoting the British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.  Pupils learn the value of tolerance and respect across the curriculum. In RE lessons pupils are made fully aware of the diversity of faiths and cultures in modern Britain. In a wide range of subject areas such as RE, PSHE/ Citizenship, Humanities, Sociology, English Literature, MFL, Arts  and Media Studies, pupils are provided with opportunities to understand communities that are different to their own.
  • Pupil Voice is important at Holly Lodge. Pupils are encouraged to express their views and to consider the views and needs of others.  They have the opportunities to bring their views on varied issues to Head teacher’s question time in Assemblies as well as participating in school elections which help them to understand the democratic process and why it is important.
  • In Assemblies and in Form time pupils are encouraged to develop their understanding of diversity and citizenship issues. Assembly themes support pupils’ positive aspirations for the future, their development of resilience, the importance of positive role models, respect for others, friendship and British values including tolerance for different beliefs, discrimination, the democratic process and the rule of law.
  • The international dimension at Holly Lodge strongly contributes to pupil’s personal development and understanding of other cultures.

Pupils have travelled to China as part of an International Science challenge and regularly take part in Comenius visits involving 12 countries and exchanges to Europe as well as participating in trips to France arranged as part of their studies in the MFL department.

  • Varied teaching and learning approaches are used throughout the school to make learning an enjoyable and challenging experience for all. Staff training provision highlights effective teaching and learning strategies which are used to meet the needs of all learners. Classroom activities, as evaluated in lesson observations, aim to meet the range of needs and interests of pupils by supporting personal development and well-being, promoting equality of opportunity and community cohesion.
    • Intervention strategies are in place to ensure that students of all abilities and backgrounds are supported to achieve to the best of their ability.

The school is particularly strong in terms of enrichment activities which the students greatly appreciate and which foster excellent community cohesion. Ofsted report.

  • Students benefit from a welcoming, supportive atmosphere where bullying is rare, effectively dealt with and issues such as care for others are of paramount importance.

Students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities are exceptionally well integrated and the special talents or interests of all students are well developed.’ Ofsted report.

  • The Curriculum across the school, as also in the RE department at Holly Lodge, highlights the importance of tolerance for the beliefs of others, in its emphasis on understanding and respect. Teaching in RE at Holly Lodge further supports pupils’ abilities to reflect on their own beliefs and attitudes and those of others when considering challenges and issues in life. The ethos of the department reflects that of the school in creating an environment both inside and outside of the classroom where pupils feel valued and cared for.
  • EAL: A wide range of languages are spoken by pupils at Holly Lodge, including:
Amharic (Eritrea) Nepalese
Arabic (mostly Yemen) Pashto (Afghanistan)
Bengali (Bangladesh) Pidgin (Timini from Sierra Leone)
Bulgarian Polish
Cantonese HK Punjabi (Pakistan)
Creolese (Guyana) Russian
Czech Shona (Zimbabwe)
Farsi (Afghanistan) Somali
Georgian Spanish
Greek (Cyprus) Swahili (Kenya)
Korean Tamil (Sri Lanka)
Lithuanian Thailand
Malay (Malaysia) Urdu (Pakistan)
Mandarin (China) Welsh
Ndebele (Zimbabwe) Yoruba (Nigeria)

To support pupils whose first language is not English the school has a specialist EAL teacher, Mrs Julie Spencer. Specialised staff training is also held, to support all staff in working with pupils with English as an additional language, as part of the school’s professional development programme. Staff at the school also speak, read, write and understand different languages including French, Spanish, German, Cantonese, Mandarin, Portuguese and Greek.

Pupils with English as an additional language feel valued at Holly Lodge:

A quote from one of our Chinese speakers in year 10:

The girls at Holly Lodge have helped me to learn English – just talking to me. The girls talked to me and asked me to go to the canteen with them. They were friendly.

A year 9 student:

“I am new at Holly Lodge and all of the girls are helping me. I have friends helping me always. Teachers also are very helpful when explaining and when checking that I understand. The teachers give me work which helps me. Mrs Spencer gave me my language dictionary. The dictionary is very important to me as every day I find new words in my dictionary.”

A Spanish Student in Year 8:

“Teachers at Holly Lodge always help me. They explain things  to me after they have explained to the others. The girls – they want to talk to me in Spanish! They want to say words to me like ‘ola’. They made me feel welcome. Every time I meet them we talk and laugh. I like the teachers and the lessons.  I went today to football club and on Tuesdays to netball club. My friends in Spain want to live here to know English like me. They think my English is brilliant.”

Students from Year 8 and 10:

We think that it is beautiful in Holly Lodge because we like the way that the teachers work with students. We also have friends who are so helpful. We are very happy at this school.

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